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Old Glory for His Glory®

We are proud to honor the men & women in uniform who serve to keep the USA safe and free. 10% of every sale helps wounded veterans returning home from Iraq & Afghanistan.

Puppies Behind BarsWe have been richly blessed by God with the privilege of living in the USA, a nation founded upon the sure bedrock of the Christian faith, and a place where our talents, resources and liberty can flourish. In accordance with that blessing, we strive to respond to Jesus’ call to help the sick and to comfort those in need. To that end, 10% of every sale helps wounded veterans. In deepest gratitude for their sacrifice, we are proud to honor the men & women in uniform who keep the USA safe & free.

Our 10% tithe assists the charitable work being done by the non-profit group Puppies Behind Bars®. Their “Dog Tags” program provides service dogs, completely free of charge, to veterans returning home from Iraq & Afghanistan who have suffered a traumatic physical or brain injury.

The service dogs can open & close doors, turn on & off lights, dial 911, carry shopping bags, and do laundry. The dogs also protect their veteran partner by “watching their back”, scouting ahead before escorting them into a room, and stopping people from approaching in nervous situations.

At USAFish, we hope that our giving will help train many more service dogs, loyal companions who will empower, protect and assist wounded veterans who have sacrificed so much for our nation. If you want to learn more about “Dog Tags,” please view the following link.

Puppies Behind Bars